Thursday, 1 April 2010

rise and shine...NOT

(the picture is soo not related)

the hilarious y2 has come and did that happen.come to think of it.where on earth has the entire year gone off far back as i can remember i was in the first lecture of second year, desperately waited for this year to be done, n now its gone....the fact is,it's not yet officially cursed.i have a VERY VERY VERY big battle to be won..the panic..the fractious..the whine summer exam...why it has to be exam as gazillion of people spell on blow me off with tons of sheets of notes which i learn thousand years ago,.

this morning i wished upon the sunshine hope this day stay that last only an hour then heres come the rain with no rainbow afterward...then i wished again let today be the last,.so that i can have a wonderful spring.let the flowers blooming countlessly. but Allah make it,every little drop means a lot if not for me maybe for someone else..He knows everything,where n when this heavy dark cloud is blowing to.

as for my life i don't know why there is a place in people's life,where the limitation was set by others,stop us to go beyond that wall,to travel the path that not taken by them,and see theres possibly a new land to discover n new chapter to be written...we just nod and agree that the highest we can go.,perhaps the maturity has grow enough to fight this ludicrous way of thinking and break the tie down..

and now i should stop talking nonsense and go back reminisce how good it felt not paying attention in the lecture..sometime taking nap and dream an ugly monster break my bones into pieces..serve me right..godness, this is not the time of my life..

i am glad the spring is finally here,but i can't wait to be done with it...till then,hope everyone has an enjoyable easter i hope i can say that to myself..yeah it's sooo unfair.
i should say this,just go and have a damn lame break everyone...hahahaha..(no offence):):)

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Ummi Kalthum said...

We may be rising, but Birmingahm certainly is not shining.
Booo wooo hooo Birmingham!!!