Monday, 15 March 2010

be yourself,everyone else is already taken

i am not happy,seriously not.these people can't help me get the hell away this feeling from does stop revolving,n for how much i try to pull it back to spin and twist again that is fruitless..time will make it better..

it scares me the most when things are wrong all i can do is sit and blame myself for every little thing.. for everytime it happens i do want to make it right,a minute i find the most suitable cadences,it all disappear after a sec.the normal flow i have grown accustom to has vanishes into the thin air.searching everywhere around the darkest corner of my mind, i grow tired and frustrated..
if only people can read others.if only i can walk the talk..

im sorry for this imperfection,sorry for the fact that im me..


ManGkOk cHentA ♂ said...

aiyaaa..sadis je sarah oi..windu la kat ko...bile mao ketemu ag...aku blnje makan lorh...huhuhu~

maisarah said...

hahaha,xtidow lg?xde ape2 lah..stress2.rinduu ko jgk meh...terbaekh ah,ayam golek lg.nnti aku blik,kte hang out smpi pgi keyh!
ko ok ke?jgn pk sgt la,em,.we r right at ur back if u need us,anytime:):)