Friday, 2 April 2010

u may see,but u not always feel it

i meant to watch this movie today..The Blind Side-(//i know i am supposed to be studying:))
what an awesome true story people had came up with..i am really touched,.in fact out of nowhere a little drop of tear fell coz i won't have the joy seeing an abandon BIG child chilled the freeze with no way to go..every part of the movie ascent the beauty of an extraction of humanity and generosity from the viewers. which are exactly inside us,it's just the matter of time we realize that they are really exist.

how a woman who, with uncommon love and acceptance, took in a homeless young man and nurtured him to football stardom..well,some people dont judge others even by their colors..then who are us to be in such position.

some said,we only see the good things when we snap our eyes shut.

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