Monday, 18 August 2014

of space and time

hello again!
After 3 years of running around between chasing dreams and playing hard i think its time to start writing again, yeah i know, i write crap most of the time but between those crap and the life i have know it really is a reflection.

they said past is the past
we need to move to see the future
but how can we move on to the future,
if the past is the only thing that we ever
wanted in the future.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

this is it

run out of oil:(

Saturday, 21 May 2011

stop procrastinating

hi people! feeling good these days?hope you did, because happy people make world a better place to live..right? well you'd be surprised.

happy people wouldn't want to read this. so go away and stay happy..oh wait perhaps you can diffuse some elements of happiness to me. i mean wouldn't it be great if happiness is a full jar of chocolate chips or tons of buckets of mars bars. like magic chocolate chip and magic mars bars (cause it makes more sense :))
the good thing is you won't be hurt any less by giving it out to other people. no matter how much you give by filling other's cup your jar will stay the same, sometimes it overloads! by the time it depletes, there will be someone who can fill that up again.well, that's how the world suppose to works. and i'd believe that everyone has this magic stuff. it's a matter of full or empty, willing to share or stuff it all alone.

im extremely surprised with myself for being so transparent with what crawling inside me, like how i feel about something and what's on my mind. it is quite a disappointment works perfectly fine when i am happy . but it takes hell a lot of patience to hold and swallow them up when clouds of sorrow and mood swing just happen to blow right on my face. i failed miserably,more often than not..and because it is magic, it affecting other people.
i have respect for people who have fully control over themselves. people who manage to say 'i'm fine' after all chaoses pains and bad days getting thrown their way. they even capable of consoling others when actually they need it the most.
it isn't only mars bars that magic, sometimes sadness and unhappy thought radiate itself to other people. make world less awesome place.

i am not saying that we can't have bad days and ugly stuffs. everyone has. but for it to be well managed not so many people can. and as genuine as it sounds i am one of them. i guess time heals everything, perhaps, as time wears on we will get better and in more control of ourselves.

i shall stop now, i shouldn't be blabing about how these forces and laws of nature should be lined. they will find the way.:)

i am done with 5 papers. this makes 3 more papers to go! urgh, the last 5 days were horrible, i ate, slept showered with adrenaline and epinephrine all over my head. i don't dare to think how it went. finger cross finish the exam and here's come.summer!!!
well then i have my jar of happiness top up again who knows i can spread some. anyone? teehee.:)

here's a little something for meyou who love to procrastinate.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

happiness is..

..listen to this song

Sunday, 1 May 2011

hello may!

can't believe final is nearing,. break is over and in two weeks exam will come in its very courteous way.. sad to say, i am nowhere near ready.. i don't freak out, as weird as it sounds, i found it disturbing. really, how can you not worry when u'r not prepare? is it normal when you grow older?*cries*

i have too much going on in my mind,yeah i always do. apart from all stresses and pains from revision. i think about other things a lot. yes i do overthink. most of the time. i mean some people are just biologically born with this. can't blame huh.? most of them are random stuffs.:/

all of all, im happy. remember what i define by happiness? yup, i mess up sometimes, but i am grateful for having people that i can count on when world turn its back on me. thank you.

aahhh i wanna write more but i better go and revising now. seriously,have to stop listening to my heart and start listening to my brain from now on. well it's labour day remember? heart takes break too, guess.:)

wishing everyone happy sunny days.
zombie. with soul
(what does it makes up -human?)

wish me luck pls.?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

a year older hopefully a little wiser

yesterday marked the day i turn 22
22 years of living,not bad huh,

i had one of amazing birthday so far, it was nothing fancy, but i was surrounded with people i care the most. my family here, this happen when we are thousand miles away far from family, we tend to appreciate our friends more, i've got so much love for people i have here, i might just explode,:) i thank all of them for everything that they have been through in keeping me happy. and all presents wishes and duas from everyone. may Allah reward us berkah every second in our life.

on a day earlier ,we had this girls day out thing, it is something that we don't do as often as before due to everyones been busy with stuffs. since we are going for hiking one the next day, it calls for compensation.

it is amazing how u don’t have to say certain thing to your close friends, they
just know it:)

a laptop bag from selfridges (one to buy list crossedxx)

i also got a lovely present from my friend. it's dining set of cup, bowl and plate, enough for me to serve myself in nottingham nanti.

i wonder what age i turn into:)

few weeks ago i was on groupon and saw this

365 things to do in Birmingham before you die

,then i came across the best place for hiking. i was about to go just when the break started, but they still got stuffs to wrap up earlier the break.

that place we went for hiking picnic is breathtakingly beautiful, we can see the whole birmingham from the top of the hill, at least i can see UoB clock tower looking so tiny among other buildings.

what a healthy way to turn old.

thank you so much eter alis ummi and anwar for making my days. not to forget to the cupcakes and presents. i love you guys to the bits,
did i ever tell you, it's important to mix around with right group of people. i for one, am grateful for having my path crossed with them. they have been such incredible friends through out the years. may Allah keeps them protected and blessed and reward jannah to all of us.

now to the revision and exam! cheers

Friday, 1 April 2011

welcome back

-glad we meet again-


better be good:)