Monday, 4 January 2010

when love weight more than gold

it's a damn cold night,i have to admit once in a year,winter is my least fav season,.it just soo cold and...exhausted*,sumhow u just wanna stay home doing-nothing-but-sleeping for d whole day*sigh,.slhkn weather plak,mmg suke tidow pn...tonight,i jus cudn't sleep yet,altho my freezin sleepyhead begging me to,n eventually this tiny little finger mcm rajin plak hri nie..ok lyankn aje,bkn slalu rjin mcm nie=)
school is soon to begin..i mean so SOON..back to the reality,break is come to an end..pls don't,i still need hols..ouh, is probably a very big day for most of people out there,perhaps ur fes day a school? i wish m still a kindergarten or primary school was good when ur mum walks you to school,after school she waits for you at the gate or maybe stays with u for the rest of the class.haha..u just can't wait to tell how your school was,and back home u'r looking forward to be in the school again tomorrow...

now stop dreaming..did i told you guys i really need to run away from my typical monday-friday life.and guess..i did!clap2:) 1 of 2009 resolutions-check..i went to egypt for a forthnight.yes EGYPT...lyk no place on earth kan..but who cares.
it's totally amazing,i like the people there,not egyptian lah obviously,altho org egypt sendiri is not so cool but still it is a nice country,there were no pressure at all,despite the people is keep honking-yes horn is more important then break back in egypt.:)but that's make the country many historical places to be visited.2 weeks is not enuf..i need more..i wish to spend more time wit fakhriah and more,eat even more:)..not to mention,get to know the culture*tipu.

the best part of holidays is i met him,.jauh ouh..but i make it!plus one more reason of not coming back..:).thanks yea awk..i had a great lis,i can draw sth in my mind everytime he tells about his life there,not only a blank and colourless pictures..

when i was there,i can't help myself being impressed with my frens who survive with that environment,i shud be really thankful for the life i have here..
sumhow it does matter,how bad your place is,as long as there's a nice people around to be with,is more than enuf,not to mention,a delicious food,.now its enuf=)

well,now im back..let stop complaining and have a gud life!

this is the fes post of this year,hope this year bring more fun and happiness to all.
sweet dream.
till then~