Thursday, 31 December 2009

adiaue 2009..

soon,the dark sky will be coloured by beautiful sparkling firework,lighting all peoples whose gather to countdown to the new year 2010..and yes!the 2009's windows all people are talking about everyone new resolutions,.i want this,i want that,i wanna be like this,wanna be like that..bla,bla,bla..n ya,have u accomplish all the last year resolution.or just left them undone..:)thats a common thing..don't worry.,i haven't complete mine:)

tho' i dont really accomplish most of the last and last year wishlist,but it is good to set one or more...and here it goes.

1.try to complete at least one of last and last year wishlists.=)
2.stop complaining
3.try to be an obey server to a great lord,a sweet daughter to a loveable parent,a good friend to the great bestfriends,a way too better gf to a her bf.
4.start to be serious and work harder for my year of study. happily and make peoples around happy being wit me.
6.enough of listing!haha,.i don't know if i could any.

2009 taught me a year where i know how to get up when u'r almost go down,who to stick up when u'r at the bottom,,i made mistake and everyone is good to have undo button and just press them everytime we make mistake,so we don't have to feel like deadly regret over that matter.but life isnt always that easy.the one who survive will be crowned..

time flies so fast,i shall let 2009 go and welcome 2010 ahead.may it bring the biggest slice of happiness and good luck to all hearts,today and the whole year through.
happy new year to all:)



Ummi Kalthum said...

Agree!!! How I wish I could have "undo" button. So that, kalau tertutup buku Kimia yang tebal tu, tak la seksa nak carik balik muka surat yang kita nak tadi. Huhuhuhu...

maisarah said...

haha.or maybe "favourite" n "history" button as well.and "refresh" too..happy new year housemate!