Sunday, 24 January 2010

get this insanity away..

it has been 3hours working out the eigenphysics problem turns out i cant do any of them,not a single 1 mark question..unsuprisingly i told myself"eigen mmg susah,don't bother to worry about it.." then i turn the statistical and entrophy worksheet,with hope,this might be easier since i understood what had been taught in lectures..but seriously,after 1hour with a dummy stare i CAN'T do it either..wth..
apperently,i don't feel lyk open the math problemsheet,bcos the chance to let me down to the max is high..screw me.

oh,y this is happening...m i getting stupid lately...??or did my brain doesn't functionally work anymore.??hey brain..u've been spoiled too much,i treat u lyk i never do to any part of my pls..get to work now.

end of this week is the due for the preliminary report of the lab project...what im gonna write on the 2pages word processing report.we r on the middle of nowhere...we haven't take any experimental measurement yet,..tbh,actually we dont know what to be measured.. lol..
screw u supervisor.u'r paid to consruct us.but right till now u just don't turn up!!

its enuf,.blaming others will never solve anything..and stir the things here neither help me finish my worksheet nor my report.but at least i spell it out,i know my head can't hold this any i pamper my brain.:)

pls pray so that my brain finds it way back to where it belong.:)

till then.


kacipcrew said...

hahaha.. lek2

maisarah said...

haha..m i exaggerate??i feel lyk going home now.u'r lucky..