Friday, 11 December 2009

twisting all around

today is the last day of the term.and it has been a not-so-bad term of this year.wait for nex year lah..and i'll screw..pls,don't.=)
just waking up from a long 12 hours sleep,haha.what a bless..i can even sleep more.

ouh well,it's just sums up of wut is gone so far..

my skill test which come to end yesterday-alast.if dpt half all over 100 pn dh sgt gratefull.susah ouh.

study-sadly,i have to work my ass even more this break.,wake up gal..u know how nex term will's such a pain with a pack schedule and leave me no room to slip away*according to my seniors lah.=)of course i've no time machine to see wat will happen,OR if i do i wont use it to have a little thought pn about nex term..hahaha.

friends-they all come and go,just like that..but the only true friends remain by your side..some of them are soo nice n sugary sweet act in front of you,but deed inside they are something else??no comment ,not a damn care pn...why do people keep jugding others.why ouh why..

home-miles away back in msia..hope they doing fine,as good as mine*.keep praying for my goodness,health and bless..i'll be away for like 2weeks and will get ma and abah a great is soon to begin,and my little niece and nephew*mice n mouse*=) is a year mature,it is nice see how they growing up bcause sometime it sort of reflecting us of how were we 10-15 year ago. =)

what else..
ouh yeah,me myself is half-blood human now..why2..haha,experience all sorts of feeling and mixed of emotion since these few days,it is kinda emotional imbalance state where it up to the maxima and u blame it on the hormone.NO it is not..

to be presice,i am just so happy when this term is finally come to the end,although m not accomplish much of course=). and yes,there will be another horror term nex and nex,but that what study is for..xperience new thingy,make lotsa,lotsa mistakes,have a thought,correcting.and learn not to repeat them,.
after all,let people talk and judge about everything,as long as u r on the right path,don't let them bring us down..yeah.

happy hols to all.may everyone have a good 1month icy-wintry break..=)
till then.adioue.

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