Tuesday, 30 June 2009

been waiting for this day ages

hari ni dan smalam adelh hri y sgt penat..seriously penat..packing all the things and moving out..thing that will be remembered most instead of all craps from this year,.yeah,haven't do such tiring thing ages...sedih oh bla kuar dri umh tu,that house used to be everything...

list goes around

-crashed all the bulbs,.okeh,stiap bilik,at least once,.-but mine is the most
-have a grudge against the landlord..-berdendam oh,.

-melted the taik telinga down listen to ummi freakin loud shout..-hehe,.but still i miss that

-burnt out the candle when it was black out.-still adam's place is the best..
-nearly boasted the kitchen with everyone unpracticed skills..:p
-freakin sjuk when it is a winter..-tetap xley terima reason wallpaper tear off because of the condensation.wth..

-fox free shows advertising..-exclusively only from alis n ummi windows..

alis,me,eter n ummi
but that place used to be so comforting when the snow's chilling,rain's pouring,sun's burning out..so consolating when heart got bomb n eyes got drain.

67,selly hill road

but still,hati melonjak gumbira...i'll be home,like totally home..doakn sume nya berjaln dgn baik esok..m waiting for the da day so long,..haha,fes day smpi sini pn da pk

really miss everyone,n obviously can't wait to see them.


i'll be missing someone since i can't be on9 like 24/7 after this..that someone really have to do the best for the cumin battle..
i've the believe in you,so do trust ur yourself,.
keep on praying so you do well in this exams..
u've try ur best,n wut on earth does result come out,it can't take ur state of concerntration in being a good doc...da mcm mak2 kn,

best of luck!

p/s:enjoy myself being in this year,.


sciatic said...

u r tag..kuikui

Ummi Kalthum said...

1) bulb tu, setuju sgt la....masuk table lamp baru, plup, pecah... kena turun bawah, betulkan fius... mai mai.....

2) berdendam tu semestinyaaa... nasib baik deposit full...itupun bisingkan oven lagik...wtf...

3) ummi freakin loud shout? mana daaaaaaaaaa......... kamu lagi kuat wooo, menyanyi...... nasib baik sy tak rekod...muahahaha

4) oh adam..kamu tetap dihati,

mai sajaaa.......*tak sedar diri*

5) unpracticed skillss? owh...terasa di situ.....

6) foxy lady...yehaaa!!!

oi..balik leklok...kalau kena tahan, gitau aku, hosp sg buloh dkat saja, aku dtg bawak nasik kerabu eh...

maisarah said...

igt nk cbut je smlm sume bulb y kte gnti tu oh..biar tade bulb je sume,
ummi ptut tgk dy pya expresion smlm,mcm siut je,damn2.
helo...each of us ade fav fastfud store sendiri okeh..MISS TESCO!

haha,xley blah..tade2,tanak nsi kerabu,nk sate 20 cucuk je.
fuh,simpang malaikat 44 pn xmau ok!

Ummi Kalthum said...

oh yesh! I AM MISS TESCO!!!

rindu aaa....croissant tesco..... waduuuuhhh..........

Ummi Kalthum said...

oi pompuan.... update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maisarah said...

tenet lmt la..
bengang je nk update.

Fadzrul Hisyam said...

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