Monday, 27 July 2009

update fr0m sumwhere on earth

this might be the 706th timextaully fourth i open this window n try to put some crap always ;)..

wut else can i say..rain's pouring!with all those sound..really make me love to be home..
yeah,im home,.didn't ask for anything more..gile brsyukur.
i've plan so many things along this break,.gonna make it hilarious n completely unregretlful

feed my craving of everything since the first day at uk

seeing family.
met my lil brother for only a half day..gud,klu x spark will turn out to be firestorm instead.
-best part of all-

seeing friends,
might be the worst part.seeing all those buddy at friday...hanging out like 3 hours,i've so many things to ask them,like how's u guys been doing,who is yani's new crush,how's Lan make up tall are Lock now,:p,.

i wanna tell them how i mess with my life ..what the best thing i ever had without them along,how my new friends are..i know, i can do this on ym or by text n call..but,it was friday n lock only turn up 30 minute b4 we have to leave.*sigh..

sight seeing..
pling sedih,.hope others will work out..

think m done wit shopping..don't even think it is true;p

n also,got an award from fadzrulhisyam. my first award,by chance,i admit his blog is awesome,.he's totally crazy about computers.

thanks for the award.!

there's much more thing i really wanna do for this break.

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