Saturday, 5 February 2011

i looked back sometimes but that doesn't mean i want to go back

just some thought from the book i read. learn to see past as a room separate from the one you live in now. to not dwell on past and hang on to the guilt. you can go there, but you don't live there any more, you can go visit but it isn't home any more. home is here now,this moment where we breathing deeply. to live here, live now, live in this moment.

you can't live in the future either, it is just something that not entirely sure will happen. we can't project all our future happiness into the future. we whining about if only this or that is changed, everything will be perfect. u know what, no it isn't. there must be something get in the way putting off the happiness until some other date. we always,always,always want more than what we already have. that's just our nature. it can't be blamed, but instead of peeking on what others have, we can simply accept and dim enjoyably with who and what we have now. because we never know when they gonna walk away from us.

"dream is great,but reality is fine too".

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