Friday, 14 January 2011

staying present

sorry for very lack of update. it's due to my very cosy and sleepy winter..i know that i miss the new year. i miss blabbing about how i finally get through the 2010, and how i hope my life will be in the future. save it for now ,but better late than never kan!..

here i am saying goodbye to fabulous-pain in the ass-joy-tedious-reckless-bloody awesome previous year. it's great for what u've got me into,but i had u enough. ty.


'who would thought forever could be severed by a sharp knife of a short life
gather up your tears,keep em' in your pocket
save them for a time when you really gonna need them
oh, the sharp knife of a short life...'

live the moment and worry less.
happy 2011 people,have a more awesome year!

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