Saturday, 30 October 2010

just perfect

finally after 1 one hectic and nerves springing week the universe is rewarding me with one perfect weekend,where i have it all myself.
it started with woken up whenever my laziest part agreed.:)so to say it was nearly 10 when my weekend actually started...looking at the worse corner of my room,i decided to do some cleaning,.some laundries and get my head sorted out.. thanks universe.

since we had yusri here(one of my friend who used to be here but now moving to london n can't accept the fact that he's now londoner) so he came to doesn't being nice to you ke?
then we cooked lunch,together with my housemates..we created this belated mini raya cos we practically cooked lodeh,and kuah kacang,not to mention sambal tumis!blearghh.i dont know when this raya celebration would come to an end..but yeah,it was delicious and amorphously banyak!. i dont know when that full periuk of lodeh will be finished..

on a completely different note, i received a letter from criminal justice system which technically one of the police here.i seriously don't know how many different police they was about the burglary happened last summer before i went for house was broken into and that burglar pleaded not they want me and my friends to attend the court to give evidence..what??
n why i don't have a good felling about this.

all of all,i do feel good about this test and dateline to scare me of.and oh oh im done with presentation which went pretty okay i guess.i was bombing with unstoppable questions from the demonstrators.while the floor just kept silent and thanks cos you know how i hate questions..i know there will be more labs to do.i must stop complaining of how bad they are,cos in other side of the world they are people whose suffer diseases poverty starvation and death.may Allah be with all of them.protects and saves them.and may Allah makes us feel enough and don't exaggerate.and guides us to the right path.

hope someone will get connected soon

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