Monday, 25 October 2010

i am sucked backward in the vacuum

so yeah i have a presentation to do on thursday,for the solid state lab which went not so well last week..yet at this very moment i've done nothing impressive to get any good mark.i haven't start doing any of it..!!omaigod,omaigod i'm freaking out..if lab is a person and talks in any of human decent language,i really want it to read this-

dear lab.
if there is a thing that i'll remember the most after i get my degree(if i manage to).that thing is YOU.n please do not get excited yet bcos all the things that i can remember is how you turn my world around and how you screw my days.
but for the time we have spent i learn a lot of things that im not going to learn anywhere else outside the laboratory..that's include how to view myself from the worse angle in life and how to pick up my broken self esteem everytime things do not go my way.(apart from laboratory safety rules lahh)i also develop some skills on how to act innocently stupid when i know nothing about you(or anything in real life).also how to celebrate and acknowledge the very little achievement and effort.
although i think sometimes u r hell suck,but being with you is worth treasuring . well,if it doesn't kill you it make you stronger..anyhow,for the time left that we will spend together i hope to learn more and have some good memories of pls be nice to me.

yours truly

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