Monday, 21 June 2010

the end where i begin

sorry i ditched you for a very long times when i wanted to start typing,the words just gone missing n never come again. n i closed the window n promised to try again tomorrow, then it happened again n again,till today when i am very determined.yeahh believe that.:)

im done with final! with an acceptable result,phew...i admit that wasn't the most xcellent result i ever had,but i am dead grateful..when u spent the whole year thinking will u get thru this,how u gonna end it the finals are going to be.when u know u'r at the
edge of either proceed or fail..u wont aim too high..that is exactly what i did,im not expecting anything for more than pass..n i come to realize that's mistake,we nver know how good we are at times.:)so,.always aim higher and work hard for matter how bad u screw it up later, what done is done..we are not valued from how many A's we have on our transcript.but from how many efforts we put in it...n how tawakal we are to Him.

i had a very good break earlier,we went to this one fund raising activity
soccer aid
at old trafford, this time with the most massive mu fan..the money raised went to unicef to improving the lives of children all over the world..hope so.

then i went to the beautiful land of was awesome..i guess fairy tale does happen in real world..

now i stuck with Student Associate Scheme stuff..i know this is what i really want to do,at first i excited about gaining experiences,learn how to stand on my own,.amending my self confident,learn to speak better..get socialise n having more friends..but now evrytime i think about going to school meet teachers and pupils i dont get is tiring.. but sometime it is fun actually..some kids r really funny.they shouting they running around n everytime they call my name i felt that i grown up!hahaha...

despite all those thing i know what i've been thru is worth surviving.this is what i need,for it dont have to be something that i want.i'll give it try...give the best and aim higher breeze,hahaha

besides this is my first working experience. so lets make it super awesome as i will have it engrave in my mind for entire life.
next time when i post an updates,it will be a school stuff again,get a bucket ready on ur side ok..

teacher is going to plan a lesson for tomorrow.


Ummi Mansor said...

Vavi kau!
Bagi nama la MU fan tu, apa barang tag blog ajaaa.... Nanti orang taktau awesomeness aku,hahha!!!

maisarah said...
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maisarah said...

Cukup la tu,bkk blog ko taw gak nm nnti.