Sunday, 16 May 2010

of selfishness and ignorance

as you may know or may not know,im in the middle of exam and fortunately im not here to tell how the last two papers were,.as u guys care kan.:)..just wait until m done with all of them..time hurry.plss.

i feel bad n i guess exam certainly reveals a worse side of me..the ugly side which for years i've been living im no longer a facebook user,.eventho it is temporary i dont like it,definitely not.i almost forgot how good it was having friend writing on your wall saying we miss u,to say goodluck in exam,.i miss friends right at this moment and i need them,.time2 mcm ni bru nk cri kawan an..u can slap me right on my face.i deserve it.,.i did it (the deactivation) without thinking any further,without saying a word to anyone including a bad person,am i?i forgot there are people who i care about and i guess they care about me too,hahaha as if..

it is not the matter about fb or other social networking.i know there are abundant of them,there are so many ways i can get in touch with them,.what i feel bad about is,ME,my attitude,how teruk i can be at times,..

but to this people i am sincerely apologize.for not contacting,for missing unnoticeably,for this unacknowledged n my stupidity..i'll be back very soon..i miss soo much things about korg,,i don't know what my friends are struggling with,who they are making up with..n how they been doing...i really want to know cos i really care about them,cos i know whenever i get jumped or even i need a shoulder to cry on,they were there to say,it's ok.nangis sampai lebam,..

im glad i have these people around..u know who u'r..and for the present,just be good and hang miss me alot..n yes im doing fine over here:):)huggss and kissses.

to haziq too,who i think about alot..


Fadzrul Hisyam said...

I've noticed this about long time ago. Haiya... somehow, u broke my heart sometimes coz I can't vandalize u'r wall anymore.

However, all da best 4 ur exam! U have our prays from ur homeland!


maisarah said...

hahaha,u'r mean.that's the bright side,at least.
thanks syam anyway,.but i do blog walking quite often so,yes update more.i'll be reading.

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

da lame da dekat my bff tab tuh ade icon "facebook user". cepat kembali. sebab nampak cacat without u!

hugs <3

maisarah said...

save the space..:)

Sokat said...

peace ...
sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for a Maisarah I know at England maybe back in 1992 ... are you the one maybe? hoho

Muhammad Syaukat

maisarah said...

no,i am not.just being here for past 2years.

Anonymous said...

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