Sunday, 7 March 2010

setting up sunday

it's been a while since im away from this so-called world of blogoshpere.well it's great to have thing to be stirred in here,i have alot but it just i don't find the right way for it to be well delivered.n honestly, blogging has lost its appeal... well,2 newly months of 2010 had be recalled there's a lot of things happened and i almost forget about them.,bad memory isn't it?:)
but i remember a few which for some reason i enjoyed doing them

  • chinese new year-the food was awesome.lyk seriously
  • london-chinatown is worth going
  • manchester game-second runner up wasn't that bad.n the foods again were tremendously delicious,i felt lyk crying to eat satay,laksa,nasi kerabu and to see the heaven where most of msia foods lined up.but a few mins later when i went back to get laksa for tapau it all finished..:(:(how sad was that..
  • movie merry-my name is khan..there's some parts where u can't get urself agree with them.

look lyk im enjoying myself huh?yes..and now im deadly regret..sob3x.
now it march and 3 weeks left for easter break where the tense will tie me tight and nex come the summer exam which make my adrenaline jump higher than b4.*dreading

at least for now,better not worrying yet..the good thing is, this is the last week of project.*screw it..i don't wanna care if it work or not..i had enough with this experiment..but the good thing isn't last long kann.,the remaining weeks are to finish the im not going to care if the experiment going well or not,??what im suppose to write in if it is not work...*pray hard so that the last session of lab going well.:):)

on a different note,recently this song keep repeating in my playlist..n i love it.
the saturday-ego

hope for a bliss monday.
and ouh yeah it's is a pleasure to see one flower blooms and sunlight in the room.:):)

and now i want to take a Duvet Xpress and travel to the Dreamland Of Mine:)


aimiimeyk said...

haha. i felt like crying too getting to eat those food!! touched gilaaa kan wei!! haha. yes, we're the kind of people who get emotional on food. hahah. weird but true.
gudluck with ur report and remaning weeks of lectures!! then cuti! hehe.
happy spring btw!=)

maisarah said...

hahahaha,imeyk nobody can beat the way u xpressed how glad were u eating those tgk gmbr ko hundred times pon nk gelak lg wei..xclude gmbr y ko delete:)u too captain!have a good weeks.