Wednesday, 10 February 2010

the hand of time can never move again.

time can go by so fast without one even noticing the fact that it is constantly moving and there is nothing we can do about it.these few weeks have been the busiest weeks of my life...

tday is wednesday end of lab for week 5.we got so much things to be settled and yet not much time left..literally we're stuck in the hole with no way out..screw lab..

im looking forward for nex week, desperately need a space 0f relaxing and ease everything off..:):)
i know this is what everyone has to pay to get is what it is..n there's always sunshine after rain kann..let's be positive.

im sick with typical current british getting extremly cold n now im physically sick:(:( today im sneezing all the yesterday i can't focus in 4hours lectures only bcos i got cough all the throat is scratchy..i tried to hold the cough in the lecture n it's killing me,don't you feel it when u try not to cough there is a creature in your throat scraping the wall in a very cranky way..

having said that,since i got lab today and it is all way suck,.out of blue i feel like eating cakes.,.yes,while my lab partner is painfully working out our circuit connection and my supervisor ask me to find sth about other ways of connecting the differential amplifier bcos ours is not working,my finger quickly got on the board and typed what had been asked..minutes later darn!!m felt lyk vomited lookin at all twisted wires and circuits then i finally open the new window and type resepi kek gula hangus!!!..there u r all cakes recipes line up in those window n gambr siyap.. yes i typed it in malay and my supervisor just right behind me without me even noticing her..haha:):),..when she's ehem-ming i close the window glimpse at her and appetite of eating cakes is also gone laaa..

>>>i gotta feeling

as a reward for this busynesses i really have to watch this.. kann..there's always sunshine even u'r in a deep black hole:)

guyss..can you spot it...theres jacob in all the familiar faces..taylor swift as well..awesome kann..

im definitely gonna watch it..who's wit me..

till then.

n pidi..goodluck!may everything goes ur way!

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