Friday, 29 May 2009

when the battle is over..

ehem2...ok exam is just came to the end..officially over.and the papers was ultimately awesome,.**awesome la sgt.

14th may 2009
-math for physicist:
k,this paper is like...
hoh,hope i got extra double triple time.,crap..
but still hoping for the best..over the par pn okeh lahh.
since i haven't submit the last math exm sheet.damn.*tua,nyayuk..

16th may 2009
ultimately scary..okeh
all the ans of that question is in the notes,.tp ade jgk y lupe horrh.*nyanyuk lg.

-classical mechanic n relativity,optics n waves,quantum mechanic.
fuh,the title was so long,lenguh tgn nk tulis assignment title on each of the ans sheets,
this one is combine paper,wth..
but, horh,..hope for good mark:P

22nd may 2009
-electromagnetism,temperature and matter,electric circuit.
another combine paper,
isn't that bad..think this paper is ok.
i put my bliss on deriving all the formulas..finally worth
also hope for good mark,

29th may 2009
-quarks and leptons,
really have no ideal why i have to take this module,
since i know nothing about particle physics so,m abit worried for this paper at the very beginning,plus,the gap was so long the concerntration was decaying over the period of time.damn,
realising that im not give that much of effort for this paper,and i was too terrified,this morning i left my home to the exm hall without my id card!!,shit..
fortunately,the inviligator was so nice....nyanyuk,.okeh da 3 kli nyanyuk.
but,alhamdulillh,.the paper was fine.
the thing is i hope the examiners will be able to read what m wrote..the handwriting was awful.*sigh.

hopefully,i would be able to get the best mark for all the papers.
and so with all ma frens,those who finished or haven't.

just after i finish ma last paper today.we off to the city centre.
wah..shopping3..:p.the way i like this day,.
i spent every single penny buying dresses,sorry mum,i really need dress,xtremely getting bored wearing those t-shirt and jeans in my closet..efficaciously told more bags,no more bags and no more bags..hahaha,it works!!okeh,langkah berjimat pertama berjaya!..*jimat la sgt.
and no shoes at all..dispite all the sandals and wedges did drawing me to have it.but loyally,i waited and still waiting for my wedges from freeman which i buy it on9 4 weeks ago,i hate freeman..seyes!people don't ever intent of buying anything from freeman,okeh.wlaupn goods dy chantek and memikat hati anda semua.,.padan muka..m provoking.

btw,ooh people can't believe this,today is extremely hot.25 deg...i really hope to see any air kelapa's stall right that moment..this one is fact,.
my head was pounding.and as my legs says it can't stand anymore so i stood by a few minute,staring from all angle of the bench left,i need a seat,!!oohh.where's on earth does so many peoples come from..panas n bersesak2 lg..since my head is cramp enough,it says,"ouh..why don't you just go inside any shoes outlet pretending trying some shoes and butting yourself there.."pelish3...and i said.."ouh,i can't,i might be end with not only trying those shoes....."
hence i keep foolin around without considering ma head and ma legs says anymore..

after spending more than quarter of day in the city centre its cured all the mess enough..i leave all the tiredness,worries,and all the craps of the exam there.and went back....with another pain,my legs was damnly harm,.think i need a better stamina,.i can't hold on walking that much as before..*yea2,m getting old.
promise to herself,will try to jog after this b4 back to malaysia,**okeh,sya tipu.

'sumtime my u may need to be granted for what u've sacrificed.'
but obviously in a very appropriable way...
now, at this particular moment m still figuring out wut i'll be doing for this whole summer break,.the one b4 i get back to ma family n frens.ooh..m miss them damn much..


kacipcrew said...


oo.. u should've come to penang

jadi minah salleh doh mu ni sarah.. balek kekgi xtehey pns doh la.. haha

maisarah said...

seyes,25 is the hottest since i've been here.
hahaha,penang must be hotter than that.xmau2:P

aimiimeyk said...

jeles siutt

careirra said...

nnt sy pos air klape kat kk sarah

maisarah said...

meyk~xmau jeles2,kamu pn abes arini..gud luck weyh.

sara-sgt la ok.

gonggok said...

tade pos baru ke..