Sunday, 1 May 2011

hello may!

can't believe final is nearing,. break is over and in two weeks exam will come in its very courteous way.. sad to say, i am nowhere near ready.. i don't freak out, as weird as it sounds, i found it disturbing. really, how can you not worry when u'r not prepare? is it normal when you grow older?*cries*

i have too much going on in my mind,yeah i always do. apart from all stresses and pains from revision. i think about other things a lot. yes i do overthink. most of the time. i mean some people are just biologically born with this. can't blame huh.? most of them are random stuffs.:/

all of all, im happy. remember what i define by happiness? yup, i mess up sometimes, but i am grateful for having people that i can count on when world turn its back on me. thank you.

aahhh i wanna write more but i better go and revising now. seriously,have to stop listening to my heart and start listening to my brain from now on. well it's labour day remember? heart takes break too, guess.:)

wishing everyone happy sunny days.
zombie. with soul
(what does it makes up -human?)

wish me luck pls.?

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