Thursday, 24 March 2011

smells of flowers and sun

yay,spring is finally here,.thought i should enjoy every scents of it and update this so outdated diary of mine as prove:).this might be my last spring in birmingham.i am so gonna miss it, i couldn't be happier to smell the fresh green leaves.taking a long walk under the blue sky,greeting by beautiful flowers,haha,over keyh.but that's how spring is to me.
for past two years,spring wasn't something to be joyful revision to do as exam in summer leave you no choice at all. .well, stuck at home and deal with tons of notes is stressing,but hey look at the bright side,i am lucky that sun is there to make my day.

on a less brighter note, i've got report due tomorrow, the very last report for my degree,sounds horrendous,i know....and it is exactly how it sounds. got viva on monday then i am officially done with this year.with this degree as a whole.can't you believe that.time really make me on earth i spent my last 2 decades..


pray for me,will you?

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