Wednesday, 2 March 2011

miracles happen for people who believe

what a word means when you could just listen and feel what a true and unconditional love they have.
he sang his true feeling out. that what make he's real,in fact,this song is actually about him,how he hopes the miracle would someday appear, knock the door and live their dream.

some people talk a lot,but that doesn't mean they know what they talk about.


lanney :: said...

is he the man who in american idol? right?? knw d women is his fiance rite..?? yeah.., he is sOOO lovely... wish dat i've one prson who can give me a strengt like him.. no one knows wats really happend inside our deep heart...

maisarah said...

he certainly is.
haha only people with true love can do this. i think.:)and they are one in a million.