Wednesday, 30 March 2011

dear sun

viva went okay i guess,there were few questions that i screwed, i was so scared, that i forgot how hungry i was yesterday. believe me, when you get shaky you don't even realize that you pee in your pant, no, i didn't do that..:p i just realized how starving i was after the session. im not good at handling it, i know being nervous and anxious wouldn't be so much help.that's just me..anyhow,what happens,happens..hope for the best,will you?*pretty please.

yesterday was also the last lecture for this term, there are couple more lectures after easter, but that will be revisions. i don't know typical me, i guess, i was sad when i had the last lecture yesterday, however it was overshadowed with the viva thing that i couldn't care less.:)

i remember my first day at uni, during fresher week, it was autumn, everyone was so excited to start a new academic year, i stood outside the main hall and wondered, how am i gonna live here, but here i am, after 3 years, reminiscing all the bittersweets i have. lol i am being emotional here. i am not officially done with uni yet,still have exam to do in summer, it's scary and gives me goosebump just thinking about it.but thats life, there are good times there are bad times,:) time is really one thing that surprises people..

just after i got all burden being lifted out my shoulder, i really hope to enjoy sun and clear sky, but i was disappointed, sun's gone and here's come rain. this is my last week for this term, can i have fun a bit? dear sun,please rise and shine again.

happiness comes within yourself, dig it up.:)

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