Thursday, 24 February 2011

age is nothing but a number

have you ever wonder, when you wake up every single morning and wish, if thing in the past isn't happening,are you still having the same thing as today?
i did hope that today would be completely different from what it least until i know how unlikely it is to happen.having said that,even the whole world is upside down, here is one thing that is not gonna change on this date,
it's her birthday!

so dear yani,

happy 22nd birthday!
may all crazy stuffs and wishes u dream about come true
thank you for being such a great-awesome-crazy bestfriend that i can turn to.
i know we spent very little time together, and i almost forgot what the last thing we talked about when we went online, distance is a one thing,time is another.
nevertheless, i hope you still have a blast time and awesome birthday with people you have there.cherish every moment you spend with your love ones,that include me!
we'll compensate for the how many birthdays we missed once i get home,and hence for now hang on and party!

i remember this one of the days we were having so much food and fun for lunch.

this was taken while your farewell about 3years ago

god,look at you:)

i miss those time when we busy eating gossiping

i love food,but i can't beat your desire and passion toward them.
again happy birthday and grey!
i love you!

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lanney :: said...

omG!!!! thank u sooooo much dear darling.... yeah, i have a big apetite!!!! kah3xx..... babe..., yes, really miss the awesomness time that we've been trhough togetHER... of coz, u nee d to pay all d bDAY cleb, when landing officially at msia okeyh!!!
n thanks to u babe, coz always with me... u R d bEST gf in my WHOLE liFE!!! love u!!!! mmuuaahhxx...!!! ^__^