Wednesday, 1 December 2010

it's coming

when i open the front door and walk down the street listen for any signs on life i couldn't be happier..that snow,where the thought of sticking before the heater,the crackle,grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and curl up on ur bed.

everyone shows a little excitement at the first snow,while others dread the thought of gloves,boots,heavy coats and scarves for a season to be last forever.the thought of taking a long walks knowing i will be able to make myself a cup of tea or hot 'milo' as well as i walk in my warm house:)
i love when you walk in the snow,where the air is crisp and u take that first breath and feel so much alive.that the smell of fresh and the mist of water fuse together.

there is a fine line between the cold in end of autumn and start of new winter morning as your on your way out the door,u feel the real chill. the kind of chill that means winter is here. the temperature has finally hit freezing,your body shakes from cold and nose starts to run,it's cold enough to make u realize how warm means to u..the anticipation is thrilling.its as if your five years old and as happy as it can be to have a snow fight and build a retard snowman again:)


happy winter all.

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