Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the limpness

i have trouble sleeping these couple of days.and last night i can't believe finding myself counting sheep.(since that's the only sleep therapy that i know).it's not exactly sheep btw,sort of animal with 4 legs and the counting start whenever the sheep jumping into the water(seriously..?what sheep doing in the water ..pfft)..but that's not the point,.i went to bed early cos i know it gonna be 1 to 1.5 hour before i actually sleep.

i reckon that's may be because of my crazy workload.which i didn't seem finishing pon..apparently that's not the one n only reason that result to my sleep disorder..i couldn't think what exactly and all i could feel was a ball of unsettling mashing somewhere near my heart and my gut..

unfortunately this affecting my flaw biological clock that i have trouble waking up in the next morning..and when it happen i just wanna skip class.or if i don't,for most of the time,this unwillingness chain me tight between my leg and my bed..

on a completely different note..i wonder why do people leave thing undone and just disappear.where's the sense of equality in human relationship had gone.

tired of being tired

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