Sunday, 2 May 2010

life lesson

people don't always have ur back,some day in life u have to stand everything by urself.. no matter how close they were to you, they won't stick around to help every hurdles u'r dealing with..

and this is where independent lies.

it's inviting problem,to expect certain things from certain people. After all, people are who they are, aren’t they? Expecting more than that is an open invitation to heartache...

//and exam is in a week time, this makes a rush of anxiety crashing me,.i can't wait to be done with it,time hurry up,will u...i feel in someway im a zombie in my own death land..i have millions of notes and i just remember half of them or maybe quarter,. keep ur finger cross people.

last night it was rain,and i think it was the heaviest since im here,at least for me,it was heavy,.the sound of rain pouring the roof and my window somehow make me feel that,im home..i just want to take the comforter lying on my bed,and when i wake up the next morning,mum's calling for breakfast..haha,.dream on..

i shud go and revising now,this illusion doesn't make anything better..

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MangkOk cHenTa ♂ said...

hoo..windu rumah eh.bile nak balik sini lagi.sedeyh~