Sunday, 15 November 2009

small goes to big,big goes to small

hey there...
what a ages since the last post and it has been quite a long time i didn't update my blog..yup,writting when only u feel so..oh,there's so many things happen since the last post..yet so little time left..*mau g mkn peri2 chicken..

a quick one

adiaeu malaysia.yes officially back to this place..a place of being apart.a place of tense n a place of all the paths that i choose to walk with.*'s getting hectic n very miserable..
go go gal u can do it!

oct.11: 3 tiverton openhouse-
it's a house warming!!..learn how to make lodeh.which i never eat b4.hahaha,this is not a typical kelantan or terengganu food for hari raya nway..
oct.31-nott's game
that was hilarious.despite we lost but still we were having so much fun,playing netball against 6 other teams is not so bad..if recall it has been 3-4 year since my last game.practising like 3-4 time only meh,we shud expect to lost*sgt x supportive.haha,im just so teruja to see so many malaysians gathered,.felt like home in small pleasant town.

-to all netballers.lets kick our ass again nex year!

it's an autumn*like everyone don't know..yeah:p..the weather is really bad..i mean so getting colder and raining like 24/7.okeh tipu..hujan kejap2 exaggerate,once recall how many time i keep on complaining how hot it is back in malaysia..i use to tell my mum of going back to malaysia at the end of year.i know it is raining continuously at that time.*oh how costly it is..

m looking foward for this winter a HUGE plan..dispite the fact that currently i didn't accomplish much.i just want some space and run away from my typical monday-friday life.from this massive big stone out of my shoulder.*sigh

-people do really change,arent they.?at some point,we just don't know them,
till then~


aimiimeyk said...

hehe lets2!!=)
wei mkn yum2 ke! besnyaaaa

maisarah said...

hahaha.yes captain!
try y kbab land pya.not bad..sdapppp kot!