Thursday, 13 August 2009

kept or bring it out

m i secretive..?
did i make it too hard to be xpressed

i hate telling the truth?
or perhaps
things aren't just the way they were.

i like kept it private?
or maybe..
i have no secret n got nothing to be hidden out....



sciatic said...

owh knape neyh..

Fadzrul Hisyam said...

Just shout them out OR keep them inside if you think that it's better for you.

p/s: If no aral melintang patah, I'm planning to go to Pesa's place and I'll meet you then. Hopefully he's not going to Canada too soon. If not, it's look that I'll date with you by myself alone. lol

maisarah said...

sciatic: mentally disorder..;p
sham:pesa is goin back??so soon.haha,are you sure besut is the right place..?

Fadzrul Hisyam said...

i dunnoe where can i go in terengganu. Y? besut is not suitable enough for me to visit?

erm..i asked pesa tis morning. He'll be gone at 28/8. It's so soon. In that time, I'm having a lot of tests.

I might be free at 12/9. U'll return to UK after raya, rite?

maisarah said...

yeah,25/9..i think besut it quite far from ur place,+there's nothing much there..n i think of visiting school in this bulan puase,but i've no place to stay.mayb i can ask to diyana to come along and if u can't come to besut,we'll meet at kuantan,maybe.we'll talk later.