Saturday, 7 March 2009


B4 i get off ma head puzzling out dis week's problem "shit",despite,write sumthing to let me out of dis overcrowded..haih,..many things happen after fortnight .,all the craps hit on constantly,.keep thinkin again n again but nothing solve..:now i just can bear it instead of mumbling and whispering evrytin would run smoothly :::....fullstop.

this weeked is pretty awesome,.but feel sumthing lost,.sumthing was not around me,not just today,m notice dis a few weeks ag0..ya i fairly have a got at his exm,.considering enough of his trip..but,awkwardly..haih i can't lick well wat the hack in my head now..dammit.
nway,cured me enough as 2 days ago i bought a new series of twilight,"breaking dawn,"i know2 i haven't finish the series b4, but,.'sedap mata memandang'when i turn to my book shelf,fuh.. i got all the series,..jimat ape,i got £3 less at waterstone,.£9.99 is ok la hardcover and ade 756 pages,pling tebal among the other series,..
n nie dy..xtaw zmn bla can complete read it.m might be fully engaged this coming weeks,awfully till this summer,
alamk,lpe nk tggl la stick tu..waaa...

besides,this buk just good enough and sucessfully caught my eyes ..even i already watched da movie,but it was sophie kinsella who wrote the b00k,.

"confessions of a shopaholic"no..!!i forgot to move the stick as well..'3for2' which mean i got 3 books by price of 2,jimat kn,

really want to read all the books,but my work is mountaining,.no how till this summer exm.,*sigh*,dat word used to make my heart beat even faster then b4..i've to prepared enough since i haven't got an exm ages!!,.all of sudden tersedar and regret,think about the time passed with nothing..byk la msa y terbuang and hopelessly i will never can turn it back...menyesal2..the reason i put my effort bought all the book is i wanna read,instead of improving my english especially,..xpe lahh.,i can read it after the xm or even at least b4 i get crazy prepering for the xm,haha,*didn't mean it..

last weekend ,just stayed home and guess what,to least the incredibly level of my stress,i made a kek batik.haha,shamelessly,,this is my first kek btik,i never make it up b4..
taw makn je,it remain me of a friend at mtriculation,'seksi' pon reti wat kek batik,i remember he and a few friends made it and sold it for rm1.i dun't noe why i bought it,..ya ya,bcause of this sentence,'mcm ni la kwan,ptutnya melayu tolong sma melayu,,'hahaha..
seksi,seksi,.no ideal y we called him seksi,which part y seksi pon xtaw..but now i can make it well.haha.

believe me it really easy to make a it,just a few simple step..check it out how my kek batik look like,
speacially made for my "luvly" housemtes..

kindly thanks to aliss and ummi jgk...
tomorrow hopefully is another great day..going to Birmingham's National Indoor Arena for All England final !!!badminton tournament..waa.i want to go there at least once.alang2 wat kt birm,so no reason for me for not going and give my support to our team,yeah...tomorrow once again Lee Chong Wei will meet Lin Dan..pray for our glory!
thats all by now,i have to go.enjoy my entry and my cake as well
-i miss my practicum mates


bulat said...

its me ur buulat!!!!
SARA!!!!!!!!!!! i can't beleive dat u make it!!!! GOSH!!!!! kek batik????!!!!! how does it tatse??? sdap sgt kew..... hahahahahhahahaha.... really can't beleive it!!!! i tot only sexy can make it!!! =P

bdw...., SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna borrow all ur books!!!! i love to read tooo!!!! plz............., let me lend it!!!!! pls................ =(
i have my own collection too!!! i'll show u later... i love bcoz read to get a lots of information and of coz, 4 improving my english. besides i need to work hard 4 my debate tournament!!! ^_^

promise me dat u'll bring it back to m'sia k??? let me read it... pls............ sharing is caring babe......

k...., c u sara...
damn miss n love u!!!!

maisarah said...

hye babe,,.
haha,i'm glad we've same intrest..
xde hal..if my lugage xpnuh,i bwak blik..
btw,that k.batik really taste gud.haha,t blik sku watkn tuk ko.